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Brio Portal/ReportMart Trouble Shooting

Clicked on "Options" link for Search and received:
   Error opening template file
{template directory}/search.ht
{template directory}/search.ht
   Error outputting parsed template
{template directory}/search.ht
Ussually caused by a missing "search.ht" file. Check the "template directory" for "search.ht". (or other referenced template).
Attempting to run an SQR report resulted in an SPF2HTML.EXE error with the message:
(error code = 8).
A file was missing.  In this case, a logo image file was not in the ReportMart category where it was expected.
On opening an .SPF, the SQR viewer displays...

"Can not find ‘C:\WINDOWS\TEMPORARY’
 Can not open file"

Internet Explorer has it’s default directory set to "C:\WINDOWS\TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES" and older versions of the SQRiBE SPF Viewer ("SQRWV.EXE") don’t like spaces in filenames or directories (up to 4.0.3). Either change the IE path (go to "View" - "Options" - "Advanced" tab - "Settings" button under Temporary Internet files - "Move Folder" button and select a new non-spaced folder) or update the Viewer
First or all pages of an SQR report appear to be in the wrong point size (overlapping or scrunched looking data) SQR code needs to "initialize" the font with
"alter-printer point-size=x"
IE seems to drop or mangle a certain file extension. Change or set the mime type associated with that extension (for .spf files, the proper mime type is "application/sqr_viewer"). Also put a check in the "always show extension" box
When running an SQR report job and specifying .SPF output (we unhid these options from the templates), the HTML output is not automatically created. Put the "-PRINTER:EH" command line flag in the "OPTIONS" for the SQR jobs. This forces the HTML output to be created also.
Reports that are only accessible to certain users/groups have their output accessible by everyone. You must check the "propagate permissions" option in the "output" tab to set the permissions applied to the output.
On very large HTML output, the browser is slow to download the file and navigation is bogged down. Burst the report. For example, putting the "-Burst:P10,1-" command line flag in the "OPTIONS" for the SQR job will burst the output every 10 pages starting with page 1 and continuing until the end of the report.
With HTML output, the top frame "navbar" remains the same as the initial one loaded for a session. Clicking "refresh" will correct this, changing the ws.conf file setting to "Cache=false" might correct this behavior, but only if appropriate for your server/proxy configuration.
Possibly change browser to "reload" every page every time.
When the login id of a user starts them in a category with no files, the "search" option towards the bottom is misaligned (in our case, all the way to the right of the screen).  In the listing_1.ht template file, there is a template tag …
directly after this tag, add the following HTML comment delimiter …
"<!-- -->"

Is there an undocumented solution that you've discovered for ReportMart/Brio Portal? Give us your feedback.

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