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Database Illustrator® Program

What is it?

Database Illustrator® (DBI) is a unique tool which automatically produces clearly arranged entity-relationship diagrams for part or all of your database. It facilitates communication between application managers, programmers, designers and database administrators by making diagrams extremely easy to produce, allowing them to be used in design reviews, pre-code walkthroughs, enhancement request analysis, index planning, and throughout the application development and maintenance lifecycle. It also makes an excellent data model browser providing online documentation of your database for use by programmers and analysts.


The GUI version of Database Illustrator® is available for Windows 3.1. This version seems to work fine under Windows 95 and Windows NT; a 32-bit version is not yet available.

Command-line versions of DBI are available for MS-DOS and Linux.


In order to use DBI, you must have: In addition, the command-line versions of DBI require a Postscript printer. The Windows version can use any Windows-supported printer.

Downloading a Demo

There is a demonstration version of DBI for Windows available via FTP. It is fully functional except that printing is disabled for diagrams with more than ten entities.

Also available at this site are example diagrams generated by DBI, in Postscript format.

The address of our ftp site is ftp://ftp.ontko.com/pub/dbi.

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