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SQR Programmer Reference cover
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SQR Programmer Reference - Second Edition
SQR Language Version 2.x - 6.x

(through SQR for PeopleSoft version 8.x)
Don Mellen, Editor

(Out of Print)
Previously available at Amazon.com

Paperback, 96 pages (December 2002)
Dimensions (inches) 7.00 x 4.75
Ray Ontko & Company, Publisher
ISBN 0-9677730-1-6

The SQR Programmer Reference is a quick-reference guide to statements, command line options, reserved variables, and other details of the SQR programming language. It provides a handy reference for both beginning and experienced programmers working with SQR.

SQR is an SQL-based programming language that includes an unique blend of procedural and structured programming constructs designed specifically for report writing and database program development. SQR, from Brio Software, Inc. (formerly Brio Technology), is the only enterprise reporting solution with native access to over 125 combinations of databases and operating environments.

Don Mellen, editor of the SQR Programmer Reference, has been a computer programmer and consultant since 1989. He joined Ray Ontko & Company in 1997 and has worked with SQR in PeopleSoft, Maximo, and custom application environments, on a variety of operating system and database platforms.

Ray Ontko & Company is a software development and consulting services firm that specializes in database reporting solutions. Their consultants often use SQR to create reports, interfaces between applications, report repositories, data warehouses, data marts, and reporting subsystems for applications. The company has clients nationwide.

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