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I would like to thank Gunnar Sjoedin and Hans Riesel for their help with mathematical problems, Richard Stallman for his help with design issues and for revising the first version of this manual, Brian Beuning and Doug Lea for their testing of early versions of the library.

John Amanatides of York University in Canada contributed the function mpz_probab_prime_p.

Paul Zimmermann of Inria sparked the development of GMP 2, with his comparisons between bignum packages.

Ken Weber (Kent State University, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul) contributed mpz_gcd, mpz_divexact, mpn_gcd, and mpn_bdivmod, partially supported by CNPq (Brazil) grant 301314194-2.

Per Bothner of Cygnus Support helped to set up MP to use Cygnus' configure. He has also made valuable suggestions and tested numerous intermediary releases.

Joachim Hollman was involved in the design of the mpf interface, and in the mpz design revisions for version 2.

Bennet Yee contributed the functions mpz_jacobi and mpz_legendre.

Andreas Schwab contributed the files `mpn/m68k/lshift.S' and `mpn/m68k/rshift.S'.

The development of floating point functions of GNU MP 2, were supported in part by the ESPRIT-BRA (Basic Research Activities) 6846 project POSSO (POlynomial System SOlving).

GNU MP 2 was finished and released by TMG Datakonsult, Sodermannagatan 5, 116 23 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, in cooperation with the IDA Center for Computing Sciences, USA.

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