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Author: Ray Ontko (rayo@ontko.com)
Download: hp.zip

hp.sqh is a collection of SQR library routines and utility programs designed for use by SQR programmers. is written entirely in SQR. It contains routines that send appropriate escape sequences to hp printers, and also includes utility programs and functions for making use of proportional fonts in SQR programs.

hp.sqh is freely distributable as long as the original copyright notice is kept and the source code is provided. For the legal language, see COPYING.TXT.

Key features

In the sections which follow, each hp library file is provided with a link to the source code (.sqh file) for your perusal.

This is the library of routines. Included are hp_initialize, hp_font_load, hp_font_truncate, hp_begin_bold, hp_begin_italic, hp_superscript, hp_subscript, and a whole host of hp_weight_xxx and hp_style_xxx routines.
reads a font metrics file and a sample input text file and prints a file whose lines are truncated to a specified width placing as many proportional space characters as possible on the line (within the width). This demonstrates the hp_font_load and hp_font_truncate routines.
produces a listing file for a font that can be measured to produce your own metrics files.
This is a sample font metrics file for font 4148 (Univers Upright Medium 7.5 point, actually).
Instructions for the hp.sqh library and utilities.
Comments, suggestions, bug reports are always welcomed. If you use hp.sqh and like it, send me a postcard.

Page maintainer: Ray Ontko (rayo@ontko.com)

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