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Author: James Womeldorf (jim.womeldorf@gmail.com)
Download: sylk.zip

sylk.sqc is a collection of SQR library routines which facilitate creation of SYLK files. SYLK files are often used as a form of data exchange between applications, and are readily loaded into spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel.

Here's a snapshot of an Excel spreadsheet showing some simple formatting you can do with SYLK output.

sylk.sqc is freely distributable as long as the original copyright notice is kept and the source code is provided. For the legal language, see COPYING.TXT.


This is the library of routines.
A demonstration program which creates a SYLK file.
A sample SYLK output file. We have used the "xls" file type so that it will be opened automatically by Microsoft Excel.
Instructions for the sylk.sqc library and utilities.
Copyright notice (GNU General Public License).
Comments, suggestions, bug reports are always welcomed. If you use sylk.sqc and like it, send an e-mail to the author or page maintainer.

Page maintainer: Ray Ontko (rayo@ontko.com)

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