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Josie Report Portal

The Josie™ report portal is a Java-based, open, scalable, internationalized, enterprise-class report portal.

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite / Hyperion Performance Suite Library

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite (formerly Hyperion Performance Suite, Brio Portal, and ReportMart) is a web based information repository/retrieval system that allows static information or dynamic reports to be accessed (with security) across your intranet or the internet, with only a web browser installed on the client machine.

It is a scalable, distributable solution that's been certified 100% Java compliant. It can publish reports generated by any application, including Hyperion/Brio's SQR reporting language.

It is developed and marketed by Oracle (who acquired Hyperion Solutions, who acquired Brio Software).


We also develop utilities for Portal implementation projects.


In an effort to gather Portal resources and reduce duplication of effort, we have gathered together a few (hopefully) useful documents.


Here are some presentations we've given on Portal-related topics:

Electronic Mailing List

Visit the RM Users Archives page for additional information about Brio Portal/ReportMart.

Join the electronic mailing list, RM-USERS, if you'd like to be able to ask and answer questions online about Brio Portal/ReportMart.

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