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SQR Library

SQR is a programming language specifically designed for SQL database reporting and information processing. It includes a unique blend of procedural and structured programming constructs (if, while, begin-procedure, etc.) and features to facilitate report writing (on-break, next-column, next-listing, new-report).

SQR runs on a variety of operating platforms (MS-Windows, many flavors of Unix, VMS, MVS, VM, etc.) and SQL databases (Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Informix, SQLBase, etc.). For this reason, it is a popular tool among database application vendors (such as PeopleSoft) as a way of allowing their applications to be implemented in a variety of technical environments.

SQR is developed and marketed by Oracle.

SQR was originally marketed by SQRIBE Technologies until that company was acquired by Brio in August 1999. Then Hyperion acquired Brio in late 2003, and Oracle acquired Hyperion in April 2007.

Included below are links to documents, utility programs, libraries, procedures, and even links to other resources. Feel free to use these on your projects. Suggestions welcomed. Let us know what you find to be useful.




Editor Config Files


These are tiny, trival programs that illustrate something non-obvious about the SQR language.



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